About Strikers Lacrosse



Richmond Strikers Lacrosse was founded in 2015 to bring quality lacrosse programming to females in the greater Richmond area under the umbrella of the well-established and respected Richmond Strikers club. Strikers Lacrosse prides itself on hiring well-qualified, development-focused, coaches and providing high level playing opportunities for middle and high school aged lacrosse athletes. In June of 2017, the Strikers added boys lacrosse to the organization. 


Our mission is to use the sport of lacrosse to help girls reach their highest potential as athletes, as well as, their personal potential as leaders. We are committed to developing the fundamentals, individual technical skills, and team concepts, all while building character with good sportsmanship and integrity. We believe that team and individual sports experiences help girls and young women develop confidence and self-awareness, which allow them the opportunity to grow through the challenges in leadership. Our staff is made up of not only great coaches, but also great mentors, whose own athletic journeys have helped shaped their lives and individual successes.


What It Takes to Become a Top Lacrosse Player

1. Strength is the number one attribute that athletes must possess in order to be successful. Female lacrosse players must gain core, lower body, and upper body strength and stability to be able to play with the power and explosiveness that lacrosse requires. 

2. Speed and quickness separate the good lacrosse players from the great lacrosse players. Athletes that possess superior speed and quickness are more dangerous threats on the field. Faster and quicker athletes are also the ones that get the scholarships. 

3. Great stick skills can elevate lacrosse players to an elite level, assuming that they also possess strength, speed, and quickness. As you matriculate to the higher levels of lacrosse, controlling the ball becomes of the utmost importance. 

4. Training is more important than playing games. Playing competitive games and tournaments is great, but it does not give the athlete the platform to develop their individual skills. Playing games, without proper development, only perpetuates the inefficiencies in your athlete's game.